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Joining our Discord is required to get approved. Make sure that your name on Discord matches your real name.
Please complete and submit the form to register for the championship. By pressing "Submit" you confirm that you have read and understand the VRC-Rulework.
We are using the official S397 GT3-Cars alongside some paid DLC-Tracks.

You will automatically apply for an active spot. If there are no active spots left, you will be moved into reserve. In case that there are no spots left at all, your application will be pending until enough drivers drop out.

Note: Registrations are being approved manually. Therefore the available spots are not being updated in real time.

Registration Form

Please enter your full name.

Please select your Nationality.

You are allowed to change the car once during the season.

If you are driving solo, leave it empty.

Request a number for your custom carskin in the skinpack.

Provide a link to send us your skin. Alternatively, submit it via Discord.

I have joined the Discord Server.
I have read the Rulework.
I accept the Privacy Policy.